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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much seasoning should I add to a 10 oz bag of potato chips?

A: We prefer to add 3-4 heaping tablespoons, close the bag, and shake in all directions, turning the bag frequently.  This usually results in an even coating of seasoning on the chips.   


Q: What potato chips taste best with your seasoning?

A: Nearly any ripple-cut chip will do for a delicious sour cream and onion chip.  Plain cut chips don't offer quite as much flavor in our experience.  


Q: How do you recommend making a chip or vegetable dip with your seasoning?

A: We place approximately 1/2 cup of our favorite vegan mayo in a bowl, add about 2 Tbsp (less or more according to your preference), and then add about 2 tsp of our favorite rice milk.  After stirring with a spoon, it's a delicious dip!


Q:  The seasoning isn't quite as strong on plain popcorn or baked potatoes - why is that?

A:  We engineered our seasoning to seamlessly blend with ripple-cut chips on the market which are already coated in salt.  You may wish to add additional salt according to your preference. 


Q: Is your nutritional yeast fortified with vitamins?

A: No, unlike most nutritional yeast on the market, we use non-GMO, unfortified deactivated yeast powder.  But don't worry, it still has natural vitamins in it. 


Q: Why does the product need shaken or broken up occasionally? 

A:  We use a natural, Non-GMO rice-based anti-caking agent rather than silicon dioxide other manufacturers add.  We've limited this ingredient to keep our seasoning as potent and savory as possible.